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Brief catch-up

Well, I've been playing Father Christmas every weekend, which has been pretty tiring, but worth it. Today was my last day, which was kind of sad. You all know by now how much I love playing St. Nick, and it was as wonderful as always. Best thing about the last few weeks was working with Nikki, who took the photos where I was working. Fun to work with, and the first photographer to take the time to move in closer when I was holding the newborn bubs.

Nikki also invited Sharon, Seshat, and I to her house-warming, which was lovely. She also invited other workmates and such, and that was where I found out my Santa chair, which was a large white comfy thing, costs $7,300 to buy! Bloody hell! It's a nice chair, but that sort of money sort of confuses me when it's for basic furniture.

Seshat visited, and it was lovely. She and Shaz got on really well. Too well, they started working together against me. But all up, it was a great time with much cuddling and talking. Seshat seemed to learn a bit about herself in the process, which is never a bad thing.

We also had a rent inspection. Blah! Seshat helped out a bit with the cleaning, we passed, it was all good. Would rather have had Seshat not have to help out, but she offered and in reverse of the same circumstances, I would have been happy to help, so who am I to deny someone else.

And I've been doing lots of eBay. Far too much... well, no... well, yes... well... That, combined with playing Father Christmas was enough to keep me exhausted. Put it this way, I did the figures last night, and since the start of October I've sold about $6000 worth of stock. $3600 of that was in December. Of that 6K, actual profit is around $1700, which of course has gone back into stock, or rent and the like.

Which with emails, packing things, and mailing them off, kept me tired and busy the times i wasn't Santa-ing, recovering from it, attempting to clean, or being a toyboy. Hence no posting to, or reading of, LJ the last several weeks. So feel free to fill me in on any important news, 'cos I won't have seen it.

Still totally exhausted. And strangely hungry. I'm even eating chocolate! Now normally 1-3 squares a day is it for me. In fact I'll often go days or weeks at a time without eating it. I've been getting through row after row! Trying to avoid the cupboard that houses the chocolate because if I'm in range of it, I'll eat it. But it's not just chocolate, it's anything. Three bowls of cereal for breakfast. Yes, I've been eating breakfast. Before noon! I've been an eating machine for about three days, just constantly peckish and snacking between meals. Weirdness.

Not much else to add. No-one bought my last Tardis Playset. Oh dear, it means there's one left, and I don't have one. How sad, boohoo.

Oh! And I put up Christmas decorations! Never done it before. Only something small with LED lights, but it needs more. Many more. And I've decided I like having flashing lights in the house and have already told Sharon I'm thinking about putting them somewhere else once Chrissy has passed. Don't think I'll be allowed to wrap them around the four-poster bed though.

I like my Christmas decorations. Every time I see them from the street, I giggle insanely.

And I've decided to start, over the next year, buying Gift Giver figures from around the world. I dn't just want Father Christmas hanging about the place. I want La Befana, Ded Moroz, Black Peter, the lot!

Merry Christmas, my dears!
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