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*ow* & Elm St.

So, I was going to be sorting and cleaning today and tomorrow. The place is a mess, but at least a part of that is the pre-clean explosion of stuff, prior to the aforementioned sorting/cleaning. Things have been set up so I could go into the library and not have to move around too much.

So what went wrong?Collapse )

On the bright side, my US edition Elm St box set arrived today. Watched a doco and a few other bits. I waited and waited and waited for the local release, and they've done their best to screw the punters with an inferior product lacking the disc of extras, so I've bought the overseas edition. I try to support the local industry, but they do nothing to earn my trust or cash.

I'm a big fan of the Elm St series. The original was the first film to scare me since I was quite young. I was 18 or so when I saw the first one on video and made a hell of an impact. Some of the later films turned Freddy into a wise-cracking nutball, but I still enjoyed the surrealistic landscapes and ideas. Except the sixth film, in which even the dream sequences bored me.

It's nice to hear Wes Craven talk about his career and inspirations for the films, too.
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