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Now I didn't watch Transformers when I was young. However I did see a whole bunch of episodes of the old cartoon a few years back, and it was entertaining. Being totally stuffed from today's Santa gig, I decided to watch the recent film, because my expectations were low and I figured it would be entertaining.

It was utter rubbish. The first 50 minutes were unwatchable. Most of the human characters are predictable and embarrassing cretins. It was a painful watch. Truly awful. The film improves after the 50 minute mark but not by much. The editing and direction makes it difficult to tell the robots apart in most of the fight scenes, in fact the fight scenes are just a mess.

Let me sum it up this way. Even bad films, TV shows, etc. my first viewing I prefer to be without distractions. I won't put something I haven't seen on in the background while working on other things. Hell I rarely do it with things I have seen. I like watching films and TV, and rewatching something for me is a chance to look at elements of the production I haven't seen before.

I started up the laptop partway through and began surfing the internet.

I don't hate the film, I don't care enough about it for that.
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