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Transformers [Dec. 2nd, 2007|09:59 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood |tiredtired]

Now I didn't watch Transformers when I was young. However I did see a whole bunch of episodes of the old cartoon a few years back, and it was entertaining. Being totally stuffed from today's Santa gig, I decided to watch the recent film, because my expectations were low and I figured it would be entertaining.

It was utter rubbish. The first 50 minutes were unwatchable. Most of the human characters are predictable and embarrassing cretins. It was a painful watch. Truly awful. The film improves after the 50 minute mark but not by much. The editing and direction makes it difficult to tell the robots apart in most of the fight scenes, in fact the fight scenes are just a mess.

Let me sum it up this way. Even bad films, TV shows, etc. my first viewing I prefer to be without distractions. I won't put something I haven't seen on in the background while working on other things. Hell I rarely do it with things I have seen. I like watching films and TV, and rewatching something for me is a chance to look at elements of the production I haven't seen before.

I started up the laptop partway through and began surfing the internet.

I don't hate the film, I don't care enough about it for that.

[User Picture]From: stephbg
2007-12-02 12:52 pm (UTC)
I liked it much more than I expected to, but I was *really* in the mood for destruction and snappy lines that night. It didn't make much sense but it didn't have to.

Husband fell asleep (in the cinema) during the final battle scene. This is now the new benchmark for background noise - there is absolutely nothing that I can do that can keep him awake against his will.
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[User Picture]From: angriest
2007-12-02 01:12 pm (UTC)
I loved it, but am about to go to bed. Hopefully I'll remember this post tomorrow so I can come back and type out why.

I collected the toys as a kid - this may or may not have made a big difference.
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[User Picture]From: king_espresso
2007-12-02 01:48 pm (UTC)
Yeah I agree with you. It gets The Shakespearean Review for me: a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing.
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[User Picture]From: sonictail
2007-12-02 01:51 pm (UTC)
The bayformers, guest starring the transformers :) Go back and watch the cartoon movie, it's rock opera is much better.
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From: tommmo
2007-12-03 12:19 am (UTC)
I absolutely LOVE the cartoon movie. I must have watched it a thousand times when I was a kid.

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[User Picture]From: arcadiagt5
2007-12-02 09:58 pm (UTC)
Much of this I agree with, although I felt that the female lead was rather less of a cretin than the rest of the cast - the rest of my comments are here: http://arcadiagt5.livejournal.com/75775.html
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[User Picture]From: mondyboy
2007-12-02 10:31 pm (UTC)
I loved it - helped by the fact that I saw it at IMAX. I don't care one jot about Transformers, but I loved watching shit get blowm up by big robots. And the girl was hot.
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From: tommmo
2007-12-03 12:17 am (UTC)
I went into that film with just one expectation - I wanted to see giant robots kicking the crap out of each other. In that regard, I think it delivered in spectacular fashion.
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[User Picture]From: dortamur
2007-12-03 02:48 am (UTC)
I'm in the love it crowd too - went in with low expectations, hoping for a loud action flick with giant robots, and that's what I got.

I do think it lost it towards the end a bit though, and the combat close-ups annoyed me - pull back so I can actually see what's going on please!
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From: bigevilogre
2007-12-03 04:44 am (UTC)
It definately had a lot of potential that was ruined with the cluttered screen. Not to mention the robots had so much detail that I don't imagine even a high definition TV would catch it. Then there are all the questions at the end. At the end of the credits we know what became of Starscream. But what about Berricade the Mustang? I finally figured that one out, but I couldn't see him in the pile of dead bots at the end. What about Scorponock or whatever it's name is.
I liked the vehicles a lot. Especially Bumblebee. Though I got into trouble when you got a glance under the hood. "Nice headers. You have an aluminum high rise with a double pumper."
*twitch. Spaz.* "THAT IS NOT A HIGH RISE WITH A DOUBLE PUMPER! THOSE ARE SIDE DRAFT WEBBERS ON A MOON INTAKE!" I didn't even get into the aftermarket pulleys and all that. I got shushed.
I confess I liked the movie, but because I like the cars a lot and it had some good moments (Like Barricade chasing Bumblebee and the scene with Bernie Mac at the used car lot)
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From: gutter_monkey
2007-12-03 05:19 am (UTC)
> At the end of the credits we know what became of Starscream. But what about Berricade the Mustang?

It's assumed that Scorponok and Barricade survived, although the original script had a scene where Barricade was killed. The writers hinted in an interview that Barricade might return in the sequel.

Wikipedia says that Bonecusher might have survived Prime's beating (even though Prime apparently beheaded him) and is now hiding out in the jungles of South America.
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From: bigevilogre
2007-12-03 05:23 am (UTC)
I know Barricade got whupped on by Ironhide. At least got a wheel torn off. I can see how they'd let Bonecrusher survive, a robot's anatomy doesn't have to be like ours. The human body can parish with less than 1% damage, but a bot, that could be a totally different deal.
I was bummed they killed Jazz. "Nobody kills a Pontiac in my town! Just be glad it wasn't my town."
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From: bigevilogre
2007-12-03 04:45 am (UTC)
Actually I even have someone drawing my car as an autobot. (Animation style)
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[User Picture]From: bunnikins
2007-12-03 04:51 am (UTC)
I liked it - like several people above, my only expectations were giant robots eating the shit out of each other, and some big explosions, and I got those. I did think the fight scenes were a bit *too* fast/loud/bright, so it was a bit difficult to really see what was happening sometimes...I can't really make a call on the human characters or plot, I wasn't paying attention to those.

I bought it on DVD even, almost entirely because the DVD case transforms into Optimus Prime, and I couldn't resist that:)
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From: gutter_monkey
2007-12-03 05:10 am (UTC)
> giant robots eating the shit out of each other

Whoa, I don't remember THAT scene.
I think you accidentally saw Transporners rather than Transformers.
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[User Picture]From: bunnikins
2007-12-03 05:14 am (UTC)

Here's the missing letter, you may insert it where appropriate: B

I might have to go watch that link now though, ta.
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