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What's Your Sexual Style Quiz

In the absence of actual content...
Preferred sexual styles: Partner Engagement and Role Enactment -- Romantic Relational and Emotional, Dramatic Exuberant and Lustful
What's your sexual style? Take the sexual style quiz for yourself!

"Your sexual style is predominantly Partner Engagement. For you, sex is about union with the beloved Other. It is a loving communion with your partner by which you tear down the walls of existential isolation and truly touch, if only for a moment, another human spirit. Sex, for you, is expressive; it is a sharing of your feelings as well as of your body. For you, virtuosic techniques of love making don't hold a candle to heart-felt fumblings.

You expect sex to be a dance of mutual pleasuring, a vehicle by which both partners express their affection for one another. For you, the concept of "loving" is a union of both feeling and deed.

Romance is a major theme in eroticism for you. You expect sex to be romantic, full of kisses, caressing, and eye contact. When you talk during sex, it's romantic endearments. Your fantasies typically involve such things as valentines, love songs, a partner's face, the idea of union and the theme of rebirth.

Your criterion of good sex is that which causes a loving union with your partner. You expect your partner to act loving to you in sex and to be willing to join with you.

Your experience of orgasm is a flowing loss of self in a merger with your partner.

The meaning you make of sex is
a celebration of life. You see in sex a rejoicing in being alive and a rejoicing in your partner. Sex makes you feel connected deeply to your partner."

"Your sexual style is predominantly Role Enactment. For you, sex is an adventure or a drama; it's about the passion, the exhilaration, the thrill. Sex, for you, is a natural extension of your playful, exuberant zest for life. You are inventive, spontaneous, and occasionally reckless, and take quite a bit of pride in your prowess in the bedroom... and the living room, the kitchen, the back seat of cars, elevators, rooftops, airplane lavatories.

You expect sex to be lusty, wild, dramatic, and, above all, ever changing. You hunger for variety and novelty. You have an exhibitionist streak. You tend to be very active in sex -- no tantric meditations for you -- and keep up a steady stream of talk, both exhortations to your partner and "dirty talk". You are a connoisseur of sexual skills and techniques, especially around oral sex and intercourse.

Your sexual fantasies are scripted for novelty, drama, and exhibition. They tend to be narrative, concerning who does what next. Your fantasies run wild; you like to push the edge simply because it's the edge. The fact something is daring or extreme is a turn on for you. You love a sexual challenge.

Your criterion of good sex is that which completely overcomes you with passion and lust. You crave the sense that you were swept away and even had no self-control in the face of your desire. You expect your partner to work with you, to coordinate and cooperate with you in bringing this about, and to reciprocate your energy and enthusiasm, to meet your passion with his or her own.

Your experience of orgasm is pretty theatrical and comes with the sense that it over takes you, non-volitionally: that you can't help it but give in to it.

The meaning you make of sex is that of fulfilling an archetypal role. It makes you feel like a real man or woman. It plays out a timeless drama larger than yourself."

Why I often have a problem with most quizzes is that it's all so black and white. I will admit to bodging the results on this one slightly after my first run through gave me just Partner Engagement. While I think that's perfectly accurate and realistic, I'd say I have a 50/50 split going with Role Enactment, when I'm in a relationship that allows me equal freedom to express both sides of my need, such as my time with Kali. Most of my relationships have lent themselves more towards Partner Engagement.

With so few questions, it's very easy to get one over the other based on a single answer, so I wasn't worried about messing about to lead things in the direction I wanted.

All said, I really like the write-up for the first one. Puts into words a lot of what I feel much of the time.

Write up on the second I find more clumsy and less accurate in terms of wording.
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