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Kambah Pools

The lovely oothoona sent me an email yesterday that happened to mention the Kambah Pools, so that's where Sharon and I ended up spending some time today. It was watery, shady, and lizardy! Thanks Oo!

8 pictures below the cut

This tree is giving it a red hot go in the middle of the river.

Were about to wander further on, when I spotted this lizard. Made my way over to it in a nicely roundabout I'm-heading-your-way-but-it's-entirely-accidental-honestly-and-there's-no-need-to-be-bothered-by-me-at-all fashion, and it let me take several piccies.

Detail from the previous photo.

This is ten minutes later. We had been sitting around for a while and the lizard had become so used to me it climbed up on the rock next to me. The other shots were taken from about three feet away using the zoom. This shot was taken with no zoom at all from about a foot and a half.

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