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More birthday trip pictures - Eucla Dunes

And eleven pics from the actual day of actual birthday under the cut...

A fresh emu print. Very clear and crisp, so I knew if I looked around...

Emu! I spent quite a bit of time idly wandering in a roundabout way that just happened to bring me this close without spooking them.

Dune crossroads

I love the way the wind has blown this bit of vegetation around to form the circular shape in the sand.

When I saw how sharp the edges of the track crossing the other one were, I decided to follow it. Had to scout through several clumps of grass and bush to refind the tracks before...

If I keep really still, the big weird thing won't know I'm here...

Me contemplating being 40... or trying to get a wanky pose right for the camera.
Tags: australia, eucla, photos, travel

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