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Ok, so had a fair weekend. Drove to Sydney for Lewis' 50th birthday. Left at about 8am, the drive was good, about four hours, though I only just got through my two hour shift. Lewis was quite surprised to see us there and we had a good yak.

Lewis and Marilyn came back to Nick and Adrian's and we all chatted for a while, and geeked out about the Zero X from Thunderbirds. Nick, Adrian, Sharon and myself all crashed out pretty quickly after the birthday boy had left.

The next day we went for a walk and Nick showed me the gallery he wants me to do an exhibition of my photography at. I had in my mind some little dinky local gallery... this is not what I had in mind. It's kind of big. And impressive. Not the sort of place a working class, barefooted drover expects to have his happy snaps shown to the world.

Not intimidated at alllll...

In other news, I have my Santa paperwork to fill in, which includes the form for the police check. I understand the necessity for it, and have no problem getting the check done. However still find it offensive that, as a male with three years of Santa-ing behind him and having dealt with hundreds of children without a single complaint, I'm still automatically considered so much more likely to sexually mistreat a child than some unknown woman playing an elf who has never done the job before. For those that haven't heard this rant before, women don't have to get the police checks done.

Turning over a bit of money with the business, though not as much as I should be because I'm struggling a bit and so don't have all my gear up on ebay. But I am the only person in Australia who has up a Tardis Playset. Had to import them, sadly, as the local distributor still hasn't got them in 15 months after they were first due. Grrr...

Fallen behind on nano stories, as I thought I might as we reached this point. Got three written yesterday on the way back, just need to look them over, tighten them up, remove random words, and I've nearly caught up again. Though I'm not expecting to get any done while in Melbourne.

Leave for Melbourne tomorrow after a final post-out for the week. Got to visit my distributors, visit the estate agent, inspect the house at South Oakleigh and organise some work that needs doing to it, visit the Entertainment Store to talk to them about some of the Santa work, and so on. It's a pretty full-on week, so won't be doing much catching up, unfortunately. Any one of those things would likely be enough to wipe me out for a day after the trip from Canberra, and every day is full. Erk!

I'm struggling, which isn't surprising, given that I've been struggling on and off since September. Feeling both needy and wanting to be numb, and been fighting depression anyway. No concentration, moody and low, just generally rough. I think the trip will do me good, just a shame I'm not getting to spend more time resting/socialising.

shazgirl's doing ok, though struggling a little more as we near the original due-date for Tracy (the 19th). In that regard I'd rather not be going away this week, but there's too much to do in Melbourne that will work best if I am there, and this was the only gap between parties and Santa work. So I'm making sure I get back Sunday, the day before. Sharon's got the day off Monday.

No idea what we're going to do, but we'll be together, that's the main thing.
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