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Nothing to see here...

A brief catch-up for those that are interested in the mundane details of my day-to-day life.


Was feeling blue the other day and so posted up asking for people's good news, funny stories, etc. The tactic of asking for such things, rather than leaving the post open for sympathy, worked a treat and I'd highly recommend trying it!

Would just like to thank everyone who posted, within a handful of replies my mood was much improved. Didn't reply because I was too braindead, but wanted to express my appreciation and thanks.


I've been writing. Got five pieces of flash fiction up at Nano WriMo so I'm pleased with that. The side effect of writing... I'm having real trouble reading! Just don't have the concentration for it. So I'm behind on reading the other pieces, behind on LJ, commenting... just behind.

Few things I've noticed regarding the submissions for the flash fiction. Lots of dark stuff. Most people are going for gritty or horror pieces. It's fine, but I think it's a contributing factor to me not reading so much. When story after story is dark, even if they are well written, it gets tiring. I sort of figure one of the advantages of the short form is to experiment with different styles and ideas. I wrote a story about love, and a comedy (also about love), because I thought it would make a nice change from reading dark stuff, and also stretch me as a writer.

People putting up their word counts and saying how long it took them, as if it's a time trial. I don't care about word count or how long it took, so long as it's interesting and good.

And with flash fiction, I think putting stories behind LJ cuts is a really, really good idea. I've had a couple of stories have their endings spoiled because I've been moving through the main page and just happened to see the last line as I've scrolled past. Given that a lot of flash fiction works on surprising the reader, that's a problem.

This thoughts aren't aimed at anyone in particular, they're just my ramblings. And some of the stories have been bloody brilliant.


Saw the trailer for Aliens VS Predator - Requiem... A very exciting looking trailer. Yep. Bored me shitless with its action and predictability. Unless I'm given a good reason to see it at the cinema, this will be a wait-for-dvd flick.


gutter_monkey has been endlessly amusing with the ongoing saga of army men VS dinosaurs. In fact I find it vastly more original and entertaining than that friggin' AvP advert.

Also check out his fabulous Cyberman Halloween costume which feels like it stepped straight out of season 17 of Doctor Who.


Speaking of Doctor Who, the new design for an old returning monster has been revealed. The head is ok, no better or worse than some of the other variations, but the armour looks like it's made of unpainted rubber, and it's too... flashy. The old armour was simple and functional, this is wanky and overdone. Though it would probably look much better in black. Link here to see if you don't mind spoilers


Been yakking to Seshat lots. She likes talking to me, which is handy really, given how much of it we're doing. All up it seems to be being quite beneficial to us both. And as I've noticed in the past, if I have someone in my life that I'm smitten with, it seems to remind me of all the things I love about shazgirl, which has been happening. So that's all nice :)


Will be swinging into Melbourne next week for a few days on business stuff. Don't know if I'll be catching up with anyone much, will see how I go.


Got out of the habit of listening to music quite a while back when Greg was living with us, and once I lose a habit, even one I love, it's hard to regain it. That mixed with the fact our stereo doesn't seem to like 90% of CD's any more, and I dislike using the DVD player to play them because currently we have to have the TV on as well, means I'm well out of the habit.

Have started listening to CD's a bit more, thanks to me starting to dump a bunch down onto the computer. I miss filling my days with music and words, hope to finally start again.


Oh, and must get up the last gag from the puppy-kicking thing I had going on Skeletor and Hordak. I did it the same time I did all the others, just haven't gotten around to posting it because I'm so wiped I keep forgetting.


Now going for a walk with my beautiful and lovely wife, who I really wish would post lots more on LiveJournal so you could all get to be at least a little bit as lucky I.
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