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Wallpaper 7-1

Okay, so we now get to the pics from my "Other" directory. It's got a bit of everything in it and is well over double the size of any other folder - nearly 300 pictures. They aren't all beautiful, but I like'em! I got the favs down to 80, so I'm going to break them up over four posts.

The final post will be another friends locked one, just like Wallpaper 6, and for the same reasons - some content that is very much not worksafe.

Having not seen snow up close, this picture fascinates me.

Yes, of course there's a shot from Sons of Steel in my collection.

And a shot from King Kong Escapes!

I love this. I can just imagine people reading it and slowly getting weirded out. Been meaning to put one of these up in the city somewhere and just sit and watch.

So cool!

Coolest doorknob ever!

All I can think of is my new word for 2007 - skinship.

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