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Living in Interesting Times - 20, 10, 5, 2,1 meme

20 years ago:
Was with my second partner, living together at my parent's place in South Oakleigh. I worked at Oakleigh Abattoirs as a drover and we had a bunch of working dogs, Blue, Rowdy, Red. I think Dingo was born around this time if he wasn't already working with us (yes, that Dingo). We also had another non-working dog, Sally, and two cats, Tim and Ming. Mum was nutty as squirrel shit, dad was drinking to cope. I had already been a member of the MSFC for 8 years, but had never crossed the Nullarbor or been to a Swancon.

10 years ago:
My dad had been dead a year, I was back living in South Oakleigh again, looking after mum in the aftermath of dad dying. I think I was still dealing with the all issues of my power-crazy Aunty convincing mum that I had been stealing money. The only fannish thing I was doing was going to Swancon. That year's was the Swancon where I passed up the threesome with two wonderful friends, which was the right choice, but will still haunt me forever *grin* I worked at Slow Glass Books, so it would have been around this time I met mondyboy give or take a year. I was in a relationship with Sharon. We had two dogs, Dingo and Kal.

5 years ago:
I was living in Noble Park park with Sharon who was now my wife. I helped get together a group of people to help out the Natcon, which was struggling through a lack of able bodies. I had a story in the third Mitch? collection. And I announced that the following year would see the start of what would hopefully become Victoria's Annual Regional convention, Continuum. Was also working on a project for BBC Wales R&D department to create an animated version of Doctor Who.

2 years ago:
Still in Noble Park, but we spent $40,000 on mum's place in South Oakleigh fixing it up before we moved in there to look after her. Kali and I had now been lovers for a fair while as well as best mates. Mondy and I had co-written two Doctor Who short stories for Big Finnish collections! The BBC Wales project was long since dead, but that was okay because the series was back on TV and better than what we had planned :) Continuum 3 ran, under the leadership of fearofemeralds and was a huge success. I acted in my first student film, and played Father Christmas for the second year in a row. Dingo and Kal, still going strong.

1 year ago:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Most of it has been pretty well documented through my LJ, but the quick version is - Mystery illness, lots of worry, trouble writing fiction, all sorts of physical weaknesses. Two dead aunties and a dead Dingo. Moving from Victoria to the Australian Capital Territory. Wasn't able to be Kringle. Kali and I finished up the relationship proper and moved things to a different level, though most people wouldn't have seen much of a change from the outside. Was a guest for the third time at Swancon, and got to travel with Karno, who rocks! The last Continuum convention to date - C4 - and it went off! Started my business selling Doctor Who toys.

Pretty dead. Struggled through the day, got a little bit of business-y stuff done. But communicated with three different women I love deeply in different ways. Felt very loving and fixated on Sharon, who got hugs and cuddles throughout the night because she's awesome. Talked to a friend in Melbourne about baby names and reminded her that Danny works for either gender. Chatted with Seshat and told her of my amusing discovery, that I had been deliberately saving every one of her text messages on my mobile phone from a point well before I had any inkling that I was going to fall for her :)

Have identified one of the things that seems to be adding to my daily struggle, now I just have to see if I can make it work. Need to post off some parcels, do more business-y stuff. Missing Sharon heaps, have already talked to her once because of that. Got an email from Seshat and will probably IM with her a little at some point *happy wiggle*. Texted with Kali briefly, had an interesting SMS convo with vegetus, and heard from angriest

Much the same as today I suspect, though hopefully the changes I make to my morning will mean I'm more able to be productive.
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