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The Icon Meme

Comment on this post. I will choose seven userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

king_espresso chose these ones. Most of them have stories attached, so you're not going to get basic replies.

A self portrait taken at Eucla on my 40th birthday. One of the things about this journal is that I want it clear to anyone who knows me and just happens upon it who it belongs to. So a photo of me is a good thing to help that along.

This is my current default, until I get bored or find another shot I want to use for a while.

A photo taken by tikiwanderer while I had my hand on a Vandergraaf generator at Scienceworks, hence the hair. I asked folks to have a play with it, and got some quite interesting results. Every now and then I go back through them all, wanting to pick one to replace this one with, but still haven't been able to choose out of about three or four of the best.

Usually saved for comments or posts that are a bit fun or silly, where one of my other icons don't quite work.

The nice thing about having someone around who finds you good looking, is that they will want to take photos of you at times when you would never want one taken, because they see something about yourself you can't. I was tired, seriously over-heated, physically struggling because this is my post-stroke self. I was sitting in the back of my car, I had been damped down with water to help cool me off, and my lover took a handful of shots of me. The play of light and shadow, the look on my face, she could see something there that she thought was worth capturing.

I use this one for posts where my thoughts are running deeper and more seriously than the norm.

Another self-portrait, taken on Lake Ballard, near Menzies in W.A. I thought a nude body in that environment would look amazing, but mine was the only one I had on hand :) And it does look good. This was my second attempt at the shot, it didn't come out the way I wanted, but it was substantially better than my original vision.

Used for posts and comments that... hard to find the words for... give me an internal lift, that touch me in deeper ways than normal, or when I want to get across that undefined magic or feeling. Posts of subtle but deeper feeling, usually joy or pleasant melancholy.

On the red dunes near Mildura. A fabulous looking environment. And I just seem to fit it so well in this shot. I look like the wanderer I know myself to be.

Used for travel posts.

Me, as God, in the film Dudes of Doom. Shot in Will Will Rock Pioneer Cemetery late at night during filming.

Used for those posts where my opinion is obviously the most important! :P

My Dalekboy Icon, made for me by guttermonkey.

Used for certain type of geeky, dalek-y, Doctor Who-y, silly posts. I love this icon!
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