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Tiring few days

Mum had to go in for a 'procedure' today, she's home again now, and quite fine, but I'm stuffed. Just not going well in the stamina states. Had to take her in for all the pre-admission paperwork last week, then Sharon's mum and cousin were in Canberra for a visit and sitting on the couch talking to them tired me out for the rest of the weekend, and then there was today - drive mum in, then pick her up four or so hours later. Filled the time in-between by finally seeing Ratatouille. Then waited around until Shaz finished work, we picked up mum (Sharon did all the driving, bless'er) and headed home. And that hectic day exhausted me. Bed now.

I liked Ratatouille. It was better than I expected, but I have a feeling that Pixar set a new benchmark with Finding Nemo and The Incredibles that is kind of hard to beat in terms of storytelling. I have to remind myself that just because it's not a great Pixar film, doesn't mean it's bad. The worst of Pixar's work is a good match for the best of most of their competition.

Interesting note - There's a little label that appears in the end credits saying '100% animation - no motion capture' which I thought was nice. The animation is gorgeous, especially the small, subtle rodent movements that are incorporated into the rat characters' performances. Lovely.

For another view on Ratatouille and a brief mention of the gender imbalance in Pixar's films, I point you towards the wonderful Rachel Holkner's review. I don't agree with all her criticisms of the film, but she makes some very valid points.
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