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Thank the heavens

I used to work for a major Victorian adult bookshop chain (Not Club X or the truly wonderful Sexyland) and it was a job I loved. Sex is something I know and I'm quite reasonable at making people feel comfy about what they are after, not to mention giving them options they hadn't considered. I love customer service and if there's any industry where you really need it, that's the one. I'm proud to say I never sent anyone out of my store with something that I didn't think they'd wanted or would enjoy.

I left the store when they sent around a memo that basically threatened all the staff with the sack. The boss is actually someone I really like, but her people skills suck big time. The shops weren't doing so well because we had some pretty serious competition from the above mentioned competitors. A major part of the problem was we didn't have a great range of stock and what we had tended to be overpriced. The big push was to sell, Sell, SELL! That's fine but if you make that your goal then in most cases your service will suck and you won't get repeat business.

But the boss tended to believe that the problem lay with the staff.

Hence the memo she sent around saying that they had 700 resumes on their desk and over the next month it was up to us how many they filled. I read it, decided that they could fill one more and quit that night. I stayed on another two weeks so that no-one's shifts were screwed about and didn't once regret it.

I dropped in last night.

Chatting with the guy behind that counter we got talking about the shops and I wasn't surprised to find that things were as bad as ever. Six new staff in the last month or two. And a test.

Yep, she had sent out a test, marked out of 1000 points. You had to do things like name the four most expensive vibrators in order, with their prices and your sales pitch for each one, all from your head, no checking prices. The test was probably a quarter inch thick and the results would be graded thusly...

90 - 100% = Excellent

80 - 90% = Good

70 - 80% = Average

Below 70% = Pathetic (yes, that's what it said on the sheet)

I am so glad I quit when I did. I've been trapped in a job before and taken too long to leave. This one I left at exactly the point where I knew it was unlikely to improve and I was only going to hate going to work.

And now I'm playing Father Christmas for kids and I LOVE it! Best job in the world :) And it pays better than the old one, too! Okay, I am going to have to look for another job after Christmas (I've applied to the Ayers Rock Resort *fingers crossed*) but if I had stayed at the sex shop I probably would never have had the chance to play Kris Kringle.

The point I'm making is, it doesn't do to keep yourself trapped in a job you actually hate. If it's been that way for a while it's not likely to improve and work takes up too much of your life to dread getting up each day. If you hate it more that 50% of the time, get out.

No job and no amount of money is worth the slow decay of your being.


PS Off to play Father Christmas at Sandown this arvo. Yay!
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