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Trip Photos - Nullarbor and Maralinga pt1

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Wild camels, Tooey the dog, and Caveman!

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In the plane on the way to Maralinga. What I love about this shot is simply that from the air, the vegetation on the ground looks a lot like lichen on stone. It's funny how patterns appear to replicate themselves at different scales.

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A willy-willy as seen from the air.

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I drive the Nullarbor because, amongst other things, it gives me a feel for the country and how big it is. But I have to say, flying over it in a light plane gives a really, really good feel for how amazing vast Australia is. It's increased tenfold my desire to walk across a large chunk of the outback.

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The airbase at Maralinga.

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Rodney the pilot (and Doctor Who fan), posing with one of the vehicles used in the clean-up. Check out the door! From memory, the inside of the vehicle was pressurised to help stop contaminated dust from getting in.

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I know what these are, but do you?
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