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So that's what it's like!

Just after the penis post in 100 Days, I was put onto a series of posts by a young woman regarding her genitalia issues. Completely different to mine of course, we have different bits for a start! But raw, honest, powerful, and all the sorts of things people say about my posts. I didn't get around to commenting at the time, I wasn't reading much in general because of my concentration, and so after going through a chunk over a few days, life got in the way and I forgot to go back to it again.

I was checking out the LJ of someone I met at Conflux (one of those rare folks that I took an instant liking to, I won't name her, just in case she'd rather I didn't), and I came across the same posts! And I was impressed all over again. However, I now had a slightly odd feeling. I had now met this person and suddenly I knew quite intimate details about her body, private life, and feelings. And I felt vaguely... unnerved? Voyeuristic? Odd?

There was that little part of my mind going, "Should I really know this much detail about what she's gone through?" when, well, it was both her choice to put it up, and mine to read it. And I had kept reading because it was so good! No-one talks this openly about themselves, it was nice to see someone doing just that, being open to the world.

Now I get what people are talking about with some of my posts - that weird mix of Too Much Info, and the urge to keep reading even though it makes you uncomfortable. That feeling that you know this person, but surely not so well that they would want you to know this much detail about what they've been through. It's fascinating, confronting, inspiring, and pulls a person right out of their comfort zones. You're not sure you want to know this much detail about my life! No wonder some of you aren't entirely at ease reading my posts!

Tough! *wicked grin*
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