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Quiet few days...

Been waking up at silly times, then dozing on and off through to about 10am, then laying in bed writing/surfing the net for an hour or two. It's the aftermath of the trip, followed by a con - I ain't goin' nowhere fast :)

I'd be annoyed at not being conscious until 10, except that's what I was like for most of the trip, in fact it seems to be my default now when travelling or tired. I'll either slowly regain my old early morning habits or get used to it, time and stubbornness will tell.

Been struggling emotionally the last few days. Not much to add, just very broken and needy, craving contact, intimacy (both physical and emotional), and kind words, but it's okay, I got good friends and a great wife looking out for me.

Haven't had the brainspace to do much, though I couldn't sleep last night, and so I started writing up mini reviews of individual episodes of Season 1 original Twilight Zone and Season 1 Babylon 5 as we watch through them. Been meaning to do this with a few shows, including Doctor Who and the various Star Trek franchises.

Was tossing up whether to throw up just the occasional single episode review, or do grouping of 8-10 episodes together. Any thoughts? The reviews are usually just a few lines, maybe a paragraph or two in rare cases.

Might be worth doing it for Torchwood too, so people know which ones I think are worth the effort. But to be fair to it would require me to rewatch them, and I'm not that motivated. It says a lot that I would rather watch a season of Voyager than the 13 episodes of Torchwood.

Response to my request as to why people read all my blathering has been both nice and enlightening. I don't think I was clear that I wasn't wanting people to go back and reread all my old stuff (I got a few apologies!), I was more fascinated by the people who had done it, and those that had, since finding my LJ, made an effort to read the vast majority of what I post. As I said, some good, and occasionally humbling or moving responses back.

And it's funny, but the few people who said they occasionally wish I weren't quite so open with things that may be Too Much Information, also tended to say that they don't want me to stop those posts. I suppose it's part of the whole, you take the good with the... bad? Talk of masturbation?

The good with the TMI *grin*

Finished a first draft on a new 100 Days. The later ones are usually going to be harder, simply because I used a lot of the easy subjects early. Usually I do them in one sitting, but this one needs work, and I don't have much concentration. Also working slowly on the Emotional Journey post, which ties in with that 100 Days post on a couple of levels, and for those that missed it, I've started posting to Skeletor/Hordak again, though I won't be posting daily, at least not for a while.

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