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Norseman Telecentre

Stayed at the nice little camping spot 30km out of Norseman last night. Might head back there for tonight when I finish here. It's a nice area, lots of birds, tracks of several different sorts of animals, no mozzies even though there's a few stagnant pools of water - nice.

Getting annoyed with... well either Telstra or Three, not sure which. I'm meant to automatically switch to Telstra roaming when outside Three's network, and it doesn't seem to be happening. Very annoying. How am I meant to send people Cock from Eucla?

Seem to be holding up ok, not too broken. Emotional, and some bits of me aren't working, some work in fits and starts, but I'm mostly functional now I'm having to aim for destinations again...

Though having said that, I've just realised I need to eat.

And drink.

And go to the loo.

Tags: australia, health, identity, things that delight me, travel, unimportant but annoying

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