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Not again!

Okay, well, there has been much crying done since my last post. I probably cried for a good half-hour or more this morning, held for most of it by Beauty 1. The visit was an odd one. I noted only one brief flicker of very low arousal around her for most of last night, except towards the very end of the night when I was binary boy - I need hugs and cuddles / I need sex / hugs and cuddles / sex! Normally I respond a lot more to her, but it's a background thing, a pleasant buzz.

So it was odd anyway, plus my hormones have been virtually dead since I arrived, which I put down initially to tiredness, and then being broken. Which has been good because for various reasons both Kali and I have wanted to limit ourselves physically to little more than skin contact, hugs, and stroking. There have been flickers of arousal and passion there, on both sides, but nothing like my normal levels.

So Sharon rings up today, asks how I'm doing, casually asks when I broke down again. Thursday night/Friday morning effectively. Apparently she's been feeling a little off the last few days too. Okay. Then she mentions that the off-ness is very similar to when she was pregnant with Tracy - she had nothing to compare it to then, but now it feels very similar. It's too early for her to check accurately, but it would be funny it she was. And that's why she rang, because my emotions going bugfuck seemed to be a prime indicator from last time. My hormones died and my emotions went strange in less than 24 hours.

If she is, we can again date it exactly - Thursday morning. We ha sex, she left for work, that was the last I saw of her.

I just wanted an entry to mark the date, just in case she actually is up the duff.

It would be rather funny :)
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