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Still dreadfully depressed, have been for two or three days. Needy, emotional, and cuddly, not a good state to start my 40th birthday trip, but surprisingly I've now had two showers in a row where I haven't ended up sobbing! Yay! See? I'm virtually over the death of my daughter!

Dance-card in Melbourne very messy and disorganised, I waited too long on one person getting back to me, and now I haven't got much else organised. Which may not be a bad thing, as it'll mean (in theory) lots of rest, but still.

Nowhere near ready to leave, but really don't care. I'll head off tomorrow when I do, with what I have, and that'll be it. Not wanting to leave Sharon (who is doing better than I am by a country mile) but I actually think this trip is the best thing I could be doing for myself from an emotional/psychological standpoint. Eucla time is needed.

Poll #1046939 Pancakes

I may ignore the results altogether, but which of these would suit people better for a get-together at Bourke St. Pancake Parlour?

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Sunday night
Monday night
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