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Moo Cards

I recently got a set of Moo Cards made, and they've proved rather popular. For those who don't know, Moo is a company in the UK that makes mini-cards, about half the height of the standard business card. They do text mini-cards and photo mini-cards, and on the back there's room for a few bits of info.

This lot have my name, LJ, cafepress, and eBay addresses, and the line "writer, artist, bastard, wanderer..."

I rather like them. I'd been thinking about getting business cards made, and this way they'd feature some of my photographic work, which appealed.

So below the cut is my first set. A few people asked about them, so I thought I'd chuck them up and give a quick run-down. All the pictures were taken this year, and I've put the cards in order of popularity, from most to least.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

1. is a wedge-tailed eagle in a tree near sunset.

2. me naked next to one of the statues from Lake Ballard. Surprisingly, this was actually the most popular card until last week, when a whole lot of the wedgie went at once.

3. yours truly again, over-looking the plain at Madura.

4. naked on the red sand overlooking Lake Ballard.

5. bark of a tree in the light of the setting sun.

6. on orange/red sand near Mildura. I was originally more on the card, but something went wrong and I got mostly cut off. Lots of people said they liked this shot because I was only half in it.
I might have been offended if the shots of my naked bot hadn't been so popular!

7. the wedgie takes flight.

8. this one really didn't work out. Not sure if the stuff-up was mine or theirs, but you can't see that my feet are off the ground. Interestingly, pictures 3 - 8 have all been very popular as well, sitting just behind shots 1 and 2.

9. dried out grasshopper on the Lake Ballard salt lake.

10. and the road to Lake Ballard. Least popular but still a few gone.

The cards are good quality, thick, and the pictures came out looking much nicer than they do in this shot. I'm looking at getting a few more batches made up using different shots and with different details on the back. Hoping to do one lot of people shots.

There are probably different companies locally able to do the same thing, but I have to say I enjoyed the ease with which I was able to get them made. Upload the shots, place them, pay for them, and wait.
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