dalekboy (dalekboy) wrote,

(phone post) Not fair!

Simon's crook as a dog, poor bugger. Or at least he was yesterday, hopefully he's a bit better today.

It's bad enough being sick, but being sick when you're on holiday and staying with other people is super-sucksville. You're not at home in your comfort zone, it's difficult not to feel like an imposition, and you worry your hosts will catch what you have.

Plus Simon's meant to be going to Thredbo tomorrow, it would be rotten if he had to miss it.

shazgirl and I don't mind him being here - we love the little rascal - and he's no trouble (God knows, there are people who I'd barely cope with staying here when in good health, if they were sick too, I'd fucking smother them!) but we feel bad for him.

Feel better ya bastard!

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