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The Trip to Melbourne Part 3

Tuesday 19th

As mentioned in the previous post, the peahen did her frog imitation and croaked. It was a shame, but we did our best and hopefully her last hours were at least comfy. After this a hole that was to be dug for a tree that was being transplanted was made slightly larger and I took the big, stiff birdie down for burial.

Later in the morning I got a phone call from Mitch. We yakked a bit but it had to be cut short as we were going into town. After going to the post office to mail some things to yummy wife-person and pick up the proof pages for my story from the Big Finish collection A Day in the Life, we went for a drive. The first part of the trip around Albany consisted of Tiki and her mum driving around a bunch of streets looking at houses. I think my two favourite houses that we passed were the one with the fair sized brick Leaning Tower of Piza, and the one with a concrete kangaroo and aboriginal on its porch.

From there we went to the lookout and... looked out. It's a great view and there will be a piccie or two in the next post. One of the notable things about Albany is all the granite boulders everywhere. Rather than removing them, which would have been problematic at best, they've been left as features. Many houses and buildings have a huge friggin' rock in the grounds, it's quite impressive really.

After that we stopped at a book cafe for milkshakes and a perve on the available literature. I inhaled my milkshake and had a reasonable look around the shelves. Far too many books that I wanted, including big heavy ones that were on special. However I successfully left without buying any, partially because I didn't want to pack the buggers, but mostly because I have recently spent a bloody fortune on DVD's and so figure I've spent enough.

Next it was off to the net cafe to check mail and do Continuum related bits. That took a couple of hours but fortunately I had my entries pre-written and on floppy, so I could just upload them. I wonder if anyone is reading this, or looking at the piccies. Let me know.

After that, we headed off to the wind farm. Very cool. Albany gets up to 70% of its power from the 12 turbines. Their footprint is pretty small and of course there is no pollution. They make a soft whooshing sound when you get close and that's about it. I just read the other day someone wondering about how many birds and bats are being killed when they hit the blades. I think it is a concern, but I tend to wonder how many animals are affected by nuclear and other power plants. I would think that in all liklihood, those end up doing far more damage to the fauna. I may be wrong. Look forward to finding out one way or the other at some point.

I took a bunch of piccies from down there, both of the views in general and of the turbines. I'll chuck a couple in the next post.

Got back to the farm and finished Privateer. Good book, had a nice harsh edge at times, which was appropriate given the circumstances. Did the proof-reading on the story. Ian took out my line about Black Ice. The whole story has been rendered worthless now *grin* Actually it was kind of nice reading it again, I'm far enough away from it that I can appreciate it in a different light. I don't think it's a brilliant story, but it was written to the best of my ability at this point in my life. Hopefully I'll keep improving. If not, well I've read worse.

Tiki also proof-read through it and found a bunch of mistakes that I missed. She's very good at it. She could charge to proof-read. She won't charge me though, on account of I've saved her life a couple of times. Yeah, when she's pissed me off I haven't killed her.

So far.

Wednesday 20th

Has ended up being a quiet one for me. Tiki and her mum went down to Denmark and I stayed here. I'm glad I did. It gave them some time alone together as mother and daughter and gave me a chance to do a bit of random writing and get some of the words out of my head.

Other than that, not too much to report. I sold some avocados, did some dishes, had a snooze, read a bit of Sean Williams and Shane Dix first Evergence book (not bad) and re-read through some of my old story idea stuff.

And now it's 8pm and I'm ready for bed. Think I'll stay up a bit longer, regardless.

I'm a rebel, you see.
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