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Arrived home at around 9:30pm with the delightful Mr. Oxwell in tow. Was in bed a little after 10, feeling exhausted.

Have been awake since 4:30...

Very much wanting cuddles at the mo'. Apart from my lovely wife, who is fast asleep, I can't help but think of the couple of other people I'd like to be held by right now.
Would like to melt into the arms of one of those deeply trusted individuals, laying curled in their embrace, weeping quietly with relaxation born of the relief at feeling loved and safe as they held me.

There are many people I trust, there are few I trust so completely that I'll stop desperately holding onto my own strength and control for a while, and willingly allow them to be strong for me.

I am both the same, and radically different to, the man I was sixteen months ago.


While I really wish I was asleep, I am somewhat amused at hearing the sound of three other people snoring in the house ;-)
Tags: identity, serious thoughts

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