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Sunday night was great, thanks to those who stayed until shazgirl and I arrived unfashionably late. Yes, we were late. Bizarrely, my ex made us late - strange but true! She wasn't even there.

Shaz left Monday, so I've been lounging around abusing the good nature of my friends since then. I have delightful friends. Fresh Science was good, though not as solid as the two previous years. Caught up with Kali today, which was lovely.

Not much to add, leaving Thursday with nevryn, not figured yet whether we are going direct to Canberra or detouring via a mystery destination that would be around 1500kms. Probably going direct to Canberra, but love the idea of a few days travel with Nevryn. Then again, straight home means time with him and get to see Shaz.

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