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Over the worst of the cold/'flu'/whatever the hell it was. As a parting present, it gives you the runs! What a funny little virus!

Last couple of days has been about trying to catch up on a few things. Hard since I'm tending to sleep for 11 hours, then still need a lengthy nap halfway through the day.

Started sorting through unanswered emails the other day... still going... there are an awful lot. Today I started sorting through messages on my phone, not as bad as the emails, only 1000 plus. The hard part is most of the messages and emails date from around when we lost Tracy, unsurprisingly. Kind of hard going through them all. Kills the motivation to do so.

I'm still up and down, but I had a good cry the other week and that's definitely helped. Yay!

The one thing I have been managing (more or less) is to keep the business running. Which is good. It brings in some money and, especially when I'm feeling so crap, gives me a sense of self-worth. Have turned over around $1000 so far this month... of course I'm still in the red, because I've had to buy tonnes of stock, but it's nice to see things doing okay. Things are selling well, so it won't be long before I'm back in the black (hopefully). Besides, I'm making lots of Doctor Who fans happy, and I like doing that.

I'm often happiest when people are benefitting from something I've done. Its a nice way to be.

Been trying to write, too. It's like pulling teeth. Or as I may end up with - trying to write that exact same sentence on a first draft - It's look pulled tooth.

Silly broken brain! Hard to stay motivated to even try to write when what you're thinking and what you're typing can come out completely differently, and you're not aware of it until later. Only really an issue with fictional stuff, but I have no interest in non-fiction as a rule. Still fascinated by it though :)

Was reminded by accident this morning that my nipples are working once more. Nice to have them back and firing on all cylinders. Hopefully it means that more synapses are repairing/rerouting themselves.

Overall, still fraile but doing ok.
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