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Birthday trip... possible change

May be driving now. Not sure.

Part of the reasoning behind flying was to shorten the time I was away from Sharon. But if I fly to Perth, then drive to Eucla and back, with all the other bits of the trip factored in I'd be away for around 22 days, give or take a couple.

If I drove, I'd probably be away for about the same length of time. Now driving is more expensive. But I wouldn't have the car hire at the other end, and that negates most of the difference. And if I pick up a paying passenger in one or both directions, it immediately becomes cheaper.

If I dont go to Eucla, there's no issue. I fly from city to city and it's pretty affordable. But Eucla is my favourite place in the world, it's where I wanted to celebrate my 40th since before all this happened.

I could also take Tracy there, though I wouldn't scatter any of her remains without Shaz being present, of course.

It a place I couldn't wait to take my daughter.

Dates would change slightly if I drove, but not too much. And I could swing by Ballarat on the way through *grin*

Flying would be easier and cheaper, but then I don't get to travel the way I most enjoy.

Have raised the idea that I could drive and Shaz could meet me in Perth and we drive back together, but that depends on her holidays and such. Or I could do the trip with other friends, chosen carefully so I don't murder them and end up wearing their skins...

Think I'm going to have a snooze...
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