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Birthday trip - planning...

As some of you know, I've talked about doing a 40th Birthday trip where I hit Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth over the course of a few weeks so I can catch up with my friends in those cities.

I figure my Sydney mates can make the trip to Canberra *grin*

Would love to drive it but the expense (plus the fact that I'd probably need to be away from home for a month or so if I drove) means I'm thinking planes. And at the moment I can get some great fares.

Anyway, these are my probable dates for those of you who'd like to help me celebrate my 40th.

Melbourne - Fri 7th to Wed 12th Sept

Adelaide - Wed 12th to Fri 14th Sept

Perth - Fri 14th to... not sure...

Perth is up in the air as to when I'd leave. I may just fly back to Canberra from Perth, or hire a car and do a round trip to Eucla for my actual birthday, or I might finally get the train after all these years of wanting to.

Have discounted putting my car on the train and then driving back simply because of the expense involved. It's actually cheaper for me to drive both ways, than train/drive.

I have to book flights by tomorrow night to get in cheap.

Thoughts? Ideas? Alternate schemes?
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