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More trip pictures

More pictures! These ones relate to this post and this one. Though some of the pics I put up next will also relate to the second post as well.

Message on the seating log next to the fire. I"d like to buy these boys a drink, it really was one of the most welcoming spots I found on the trip.

Bloody potholes!

Two emus

Looking out around Madura. You might be able to just make out the old homestead near my right shoulder if you look carefully.

Parked at the old homestead ruins. My car is a thing of beauty.


Dead wabbit!

Love the rust patterns in this car...

And love the way the chrome is still all pretty!

Driving into the night.

Sunset at Eucla.

The Traveller's cross at sunset.

Playing with the lightning.

This is why I need models, dammit! So hard to get these shots on your own. I've pumped up the light a bit on this. My camera shows things to be brighter on its screen than they really are, which can be a problem for judging nightime shots. You think you've got it, but you don't!

Self portrait, with lightning. Croped a little, but otherwise untouched.

And a visitor map because it's the most accurate way to see how many people are looking, and I crave the attention at the moment!

Visitor Map
Create your own visitor map!
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