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Pictures from Swancon

A bunch of pics from the con, including a few of myself as the Joker. Piccies are large-ish and there's 10 of 'em!

Pics under the cut

Balancing Writing with your Day Job (and knowing when to quit) panel featuring L-R Charles De Lint, Lee Battersby, Rob Hood, Dave Luckett and Cat Sparks.

Images from the triple book launch

Dave Luckett

Mitch "You know you'll buy my book, don't you? Feel the burn!"

Robin Pen and Rob Hood

Rob Hood and Cat Sparks Hey... how did Rob get into this LJ twice?

Fashions, fantastic, fannish and future panel Featuring L-R Tiki Swain, Candice Schilder, Lisa Green, Lily Chrywenstrom and Simono, The Most Beautiful Fan in the World!


My gorgeous wife Sharon doing her stunned mullet imitation as a Joker Goon (looking forward to seeing her a Poison Ivy next time, yum!), yours truly as The Joker and cousin Tiki as Harley Quinn.

The lovely deborahb was obviously thrilled to meet me!

Nibblies from the Dead Dog party

Chocolate coated cricket larvae! Yum!

The cricket-licket! The cricket wasn't bad but I was so over cinnamon flavour by the end of it!
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