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More belated trip photos

More trip photos that relate to this post and this one.

Old railway hut.

Dragonfly hanging around the Golddust Backpackers at Kalgoorlie.

On my way to Norseman, I had to stop and photograph the victim of a ritual sacrifice.

A group of Minors at Norseman.

Ram skull at Fraser Range Sheep Station.

The last rays of the sunlight hitting a wooden support in the shearing shed.

Wool from demara sheep.

I've been meaning to get a photo of this sign for years. For my US readers, that's 156 miles to the next shaded rest stop.

Eagle - it let me get to within around 10-15 metres before deciding I was an undesirable element and flying off.

Different eagle.

Same eagle again, with a gorgeous sky.

Finally escaping the paparazzi!

Just a nice view of the clouds.

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