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Ironies both funny and cruel

I'm not sure if these ironies are like the ones from that song Isn't it Ironic? where the irony was there was no real irony in the song, but here goes.

1. I've just plotted out a short story idea that I want to try and pitch to a Doctor Who collection. It's about a man who starts to lose his ability to communicate at a point in his life where it's vitally important for him to relate certain information. I know I can write the thing, but I'm also aware that since the stroke I've found writing to be increasingly difficult. The six hundred words I wrote to plot it out have exhausted me. Given how much trouble I have with writing fiction these days, it'd be lovely if it got picked up.

2. Speaking personally, I will find it very ironic if I get the Best Fan Writer Ditmar, for the reasons mentioned above. The irony is furthered by the fact that if I win, this will be the second Ditmar that I've won on my own that I haven't been there to collect at the time.

3. I've asked Sean Williams to accept it for me if I win. He's a good mate, and I like the irony of a guy with twenty plus novels under his belt getting up to accept the Best Fan Writer award.

4. Lastly, is the cruel irony I've been meaning to mention since last week. Way back in March I became a sperm donor, for all sorts of good reasons. Been going to post about it, but haven't gotten around to it, as I haven't with so many pieces of writing in recent times. Last Thursday morning, Sharon and I had a counselling session at the fertility clinic where I donate. Basically it's to make sure we know what we're doing, that my partner knows and understands what's going on and approves, etc.

So we're there, and the staff are rapt. So many women and couples they see have trouble conceiving, so to have a woman in who is naturally pregnant is nice for them. The fact that she's happy for her husband to be a sperm donor, so that other people can be blessed with children, means that they love her. They were so very happy for us both, and spent a good half hour just chatting with us.

One of the things we found out while there was that the waiting lists for IVF are huge. There one-hundred and fifty people on the list in Albury, and they've cut it off at that number. One-hundred and fifty families, all wanting to have kids, and I can only help five there and five in Canberra. As Sharon and I were driving in the car to her work, we were both close to tears about that. All those people, struggling to have children, and we'd gotten lucky on our first try.

Less than half an hour later, Sharon miscarried.
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