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Dreams [Jun. 6th, 2007|11:25 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood |sleepysleepy]

Chatted to a lovely young lady on the phone tonight. One of those rare people whose company I just can't get enough of. It was just chit-chat, but she managed to finish the convo with a couple of comments that, in spite of the fact I've had no sex drive since Thursday, left me slightly hot and bothered.

One of the things we chatted about was dreams. I rarely remember my dreams, and I never dream about friends. But in the last two weeks I've dreamt about kaths, gutter_monkey, and swirlability. My dreams are getting crowded, but that's okay, they're all people I like hanging with.

I think the most amusing dream was the one with Guttermonkey. He ended up hiding from his mentor behind our kitchen counter. The mentor was an old asian man who looked a bit like Keye Luke. I still remember trying to steer the guy, away from the kitchen, while Guttermonkey kept popping up to peek over the top of the counter.

[User Picture]From: angriest
2007-06-06 02:20 pm (UTC)
OMG I am so in love with that user icon that I think I need to shag it.
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[User Picture]From: dalekboy
2007-06-06 10:38 pm (UTC)
I got it from napalm_isis on her puppet_paluza site.

She's done a bunch, including some for Firefly and Stargate.
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From: tenbears
2007-06-06 09:37 pm (UTC)


And me, right?

You do dream about me, don't you?
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[User Picture]From: dalekboy
2007-06-06 10:35 pm (UTC)

Re: Dreams

Does it count as a dream if I'm awake, have no pants on, and am holding a turtle?
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[User Picture]From: fuschia17
2007-06-07 05:32 am (UTC)

Re: Dreams

Ummmm I would say that's a hallucination more than a dream... Or some really weird stuff and I want some! *grin*
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From: gutter_monkey
2007-06-07 12:11 am (UTC)
That damn asian mentor. He's always on my case!

"Joke on, joke off. Pay attention, Monkey-san!"

If anyone wants me I'll be down at the pier doing a crane stance on a pylon in front of a sunset.
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[User Picture]From: tikiwanderer
2007-06-07 09:25 am (UTC)
And here I thought you were helping a friend with Trivia when I saw you today... but it was really a clandestine meeting in an underground CBD carpark that I accidentally interrupted while looking for directions... wow! How cool is that? -grin-
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