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It goes on...

Okay, they started inducing this morning. What we found out this morning is that the whole process may be over in an afternoon... or it could literally drag on for a few days.

The hardest part is that each step taken unveils a wait for the next step to begin. It's soul-destroying enough to have to make these decisions, without then finding out that they'll take at best hours if not days. We both work better with all this info up front.

I'm serious when I say there is no-one I hate so much that I would ever consider putting them through this. Even Lameo, the Lamest Man in the Universe, would get a gun shoved into that qeefing mouth of his.

I've always been big on doing things for the community, with no expectation other than the community will look after those in it if given the chance.

It's meant a lot to see that's true. You've all been lovely to Sharon and myself.

Thank you.
Tags: health, serious thoughts, the oven
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