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Ahhh... postings...

Haven't had a lot of net access this last week or so, hence the deathly silence. And today (like yesterday) I'm having to spend the day online doing Continuum related stuff, like emailing people and ordering a few choice items for my video program. So I sensibly wrote a couple of journal entries sitting on my favourite verandah and brought them with me to copy and paste.

My time in Perth has been good as always. This week and next week I'll be concentrating on my writing over the social side of things. I've seen more of most of my Perth friends over the last twelve months than I normally would over about three years. Yes there are people that would like to catch up with me a bit more, but I'm actually trying to take my writing (semi-) seriously so have to be good.

Plus I've had some positive feedback from a few people in the last week or so regarding my stuff, which tends to stoke the fires somewhat. Negative reviews don't bother me so much as I tend to automatically think I write crap, so being told my work is rubbish only bothers me if I don't get specifics. If someone who gives me a negative review can't actively point out a problem like pacing, plot or structure, then I'm eventually (after much stomping and gnashing of teeth) going to assume that they either didn't get the story or that it wasn't to their taste. I'm not going to lose sleep over either of those.

And I'll keep writing.

Ahhh... I'm a hack in the making. Unka Sean would be so proud :)
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