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Re-evaluating plans

So, yesterday I took shazgirl to her ultrasound appointment. I'll let her tell about it. Very cool stuff...

...Except the drive killed me. I've been a stumbling shambolic mess ever since. I was already tired from the trip, and needed a rest. I couldn't figure out why the short drive to Woden and back was so draining. It took me a while, then I realised - city driving!

The instances where I've had to navigate and deal with lots of other road-users have been limited these last six weeks. Suddenly I'm reminded of why I only went out now and again. It's actually quite hard and tiring. I'm still in bed, those of you who know me know how unusual that is.

I'm going to have to rethink and be more careful about my plans for Melbourne. It's a much bigger and more chaotic driving experience than Canberra, and getting from place to place will quickly become difficult if I run around catching up with everyone one-on-one the way I was intending.

What this means is, if I arrange to meet with you, please don't be offended if I cancel or change where we meet at the last minute. I'm going to have to be sensible for the sake of health and safety.

And while there's many of you I'd like to catch up with one-on-one, I'm realising that catching up with a group or two is probably a better way to balance my strength/energy. So, I will definitely be at -

Melbourne Science Fiction Club,
St. David's Uniting Church Hall,
74 Melville Road, West Brunswick

On Friday the 18th of May

So, if you're a regular MSFC attendee, rock on up and we can catch up! I may be at the Minicon the next day, but it's unlikely.
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