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Tripping on numbers

I left home with 5 books, and returned with 23 more.

Stayed 13 nights in Perth.

I shaved twice.

I wandered naked in 7 different locations.

I listened to 20 albums.

I was pulled over by police twice (routine checks, one was Ben from Eucla!).

I stayed at 3 people's homes.

I wrote 15,000 words, only 1,000 of which was actual fiction.

I picked up 2 hitch-hikers.

Saw 5 dingoes, 5 emu, and 9 wedge-tailed eagles.

I cried, got insanely angry, wept for joy, got horny, and had more mood swings than I could ever hope to count. But apparently I hid it all pretty well most of the time.

Drank 6 raspberry softdrinks in bars.

Stayed 4 nights in Eucla.

Visited 1 brothel.

Between hespa, Kali, and I, there were over 2,240 pictures taken on my camera.

I drove a total of 11,228km (7,018 miles) in around 4 weeks worth of actual driving.

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