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Woke up around 3am after a bad sleep. Managed to eventually get back to sleep thanks to the soporific properties onanism can have, and awoke around nine, much later than I'd have liked.

Took some photos of the little campsite in the morning light. It had been constructed by three Brits, Dave, Luke and Andy on 29th of Feb, 2007. Also on the log where they had written this info was "Welcome - Rest easy friends." They had left a few other messages for fellow travellers, too - Fire is man's light in nature's darkness.

Your anger is your gift.

Fate is inexorable.

My favourite was - As endless as man's journey through the darkness may seem, he will be enlightened for travelling it.

On a previous trip, I put up a photo of a sculpture, and some time down the track had the artist send a reply. Spread the word about Dave, Luke and Andy, let's see if we can't use the net to track them down. What struck me about this spot was that it actually felt welcoming, rather than just another place to crash.

I got moving on towards Cocklebiddy. I drove past, intending not to stop, but my gut said turn around and go back, so I did. Had a delicious milkshake, a couple of nice toasted cheese sangers, and bought two Aussie books of children's rhymes and verse that I had been thinking of picking up for a couple of years. I was still umming and ahhing over them when I came across the following piece -

Danny Dingo is like a dog,
Sitting there beside that log.
But he's not a puppy to take home,
'Cause o'r the hills he likes to roam.

A little clumsy, but it felt quite apt. So picked them up and also a pair of CD's - 50 Silly Songs and the soundtrack to the Hulk. Silly Songs had a lot of stuff that either I only had on tape, or had been looking for for years (Mad Dogs and Englishmen by Noel Coward!), and other was for my collection of Danny Elfman soundtracks.

The CD's gave me a break from David Bowie, whose first ten albums I have now listened to. I had other things to listen to, but I wanted to work my way through Bowie, and two new CD's was a good excuse to stop. That said, as I'm reaching the mid-seventies, I'm finding more songs per Bowie album that I enjoy. So while I may end up picking up a bunch of his later stuff, I don't have to buy his entire back catalogue, thank heavens!

Speaking of thanking Heaven, was slightly dissatisfied to find at the end of my two children's books the following text after their explanations of some of the Aussie terms, animals and ideas - "Conclusion - Do you not agree that the countless marvels in the natural world around us, give overwhelming evidence of brilliant design by a loving and intelligent creator?"

I want to write to them and say "It's so great that you believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster too!"

Left Cocklebiddy and headed back 5km to check out a cave I hadn't known about before. Not one you can explore without plenty of equipment since to get into it is a fair drop, but still cool. Then decided bugger it, and went off to Cocklebiddy Caves even though I knew I couldn't go in since the areas been destabilised by heavy rain. But it was nice to visit the area again.

Rain! Not heavy, but solid enough for a good chunk of the next 100km. They've had quite a bit in recent times, so the area is looking very lush. As I headed down the highway, a warning vehicle informing me of a truck carrying a wide load came along. I slowed down and drove along the edge of the road as the two trucks approached. They were almost to me when a suicidal emu darts across the road between my car and the trucks! It only had a gap of maybe fifty feet total, it's a bloody lucky bird! I stopped the car, got out and shot off a photo or two, got back in my car and had just started to drive when its mate ran across in front of me! What, did they have a bloody suicide pact?

Headed on to Madura, chatted to the locals and then went and took some photos of the old Madura Homestead. While prowling the collection of car wrecks found what I think was an old Chevy or Cadillac, not sure, it was a big old beast and I don't know cars well enough to guess. The patterns of rust on its surface were gorgeous, but what stood out was that most of the chrome still looked nice. Wonderful contrast. I'll put up pics when I have the chance, and then people can tell me what sort of car it actually is.

As I left Mudura, I had another close call with an emu. Followed moments later by its mate. Seriously, if they keep this up, I'm gunna start speeding up! I've gone for years and not seen an emu, now I get four in one day and they all want to die?!

I was about 30km from Mundrabilla when I saw the tinsel tree. Someone had put silver tinsel on one of the dead trees, though there wasn't much left. Snapped off a photo or two and then headed off. It used to be that the only unusual tree was the bottle tree, I was looking forward to seeing that one again. and I had seen it on the way to bird observatory and it had been added to since my last trip. We'd also passed what looked like a tree of thongs, I wanted to see that one again too.

Fairly soon stopped once more - bra tree! Okay, it only had two on it, but these things have to start somewhere! Took a few pics, then headed off as the light was fading. Next stop, footwear trees. Not just thongs, but gumboots, sneakers, uggboots... and it was expanding to cover two trees.

Light was fading as I reached the bottle tree. It now has two cloth dummies sitting in chairs and a sizeable collection of bottles hanging from it. Better - it's now also a message tree! Yep, some of the bottles have messages in them! Want to try and get back to have another look in good like, will see how I go.

There was an underpant tree with a single pair of jocks on it - mine. Let's see it that catches on *wicked grin*

It was dark as I approached Eucla, the Traveller's Cross glowing ahead of me on the highway. Got in, paid for my room and collapsed. Was going to go straight to sleep, but instead found myself watching Mythbusters & South Park.

Then I went to sleepybobos.
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