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Swancon Day Two (Edit)

I got to a bit more of Swancon day two. In this post I thought I'd share with you a smattering of some of the panels. Instead of trying to do them justice, I've opted for a quote from each of the panelists. These aren't necessarily the funniest, best or most enlightening things they said, they are just moments in time. I don't claim that the quotes are accurate, though some are word for word but others are paraphrased. Hopefully though, if you've never been to a con, some of these will whete your appetite.

Balancing Writing with your Day Job (and knowing when to quit) 1300-1400

Rob Hood Write one sentence a day.

Dave Luckett All the good stuff comes after you get published a couple of times.

Cat Sparks I write on the train. I wouldn't get 2000 words written at home if I had a day off.

Charles De Lint I write for four hours a day. Sometimes the actual writing is in the last 15 minutes.

Lee Battersby Writing comedy is good, it teaches brevity.

Someone from the audience asked the panelists if stuff from their day jobs made it into their fiction. They all giggled :)

Short Fiction: Why Do We Still Write It? 1500-1600

Terry Dowling We write short fiction for the profile. We write novels to pay the mortgage

Rob Hood I don't think science fiction and horror is suited to really long stuff.

Lee Battersby I'm writing a novel now and 70,000 words in it feels like my day job - I left my day job.

Charles de Lint What i like to use the short story for is to experiment.

Stephen Dedman You can be weird and wacky as you like.

Cat Sparks I know for a fact that most of the people who buy Agog are writers. When i meet someone who buys it and they tell me that they just like reading short stories I want to get their autograph!

One funny exchange that I had to note down.

Lee battersby It's a very social thing. I just did a quick headcount and there's at least six people in here that have bought stories from me.
Terry Dowling It's good to have family, Lee.

Fashions, fantastic, fannish and future 1600-1700

Tiki Swain (On cloaks) This was for a dryad costume. Some of you will have seen the dryad costume, or lack thereof.

Candice Schilder (On black t-shirts) You can show (with an image or words) whatever you like with a black t-shirt and you're still part of the gang.

Lisa Green (Costumes) Fans like to wear little bits of costume because you don't have to clean it and you can wear it on the street.

Lily Chrywenstrom (Formal as casual) There's no reason you can't dress formally or dress 'up' for the day.

-other comments

Simono You can look as fabulous as Simono, the most beautiful fan in the world... Had to slip that in there.
Tiki Swain You can slip it in any time, Simono.

Candice Schilder (talking about how to pick something you may like to wear at a con) That looks a bit loud - I might be a bit embarrassed walking down the street in that... or not in my case.

Trailer Park: The Good, the Bad and the Sequels. 1900-2000

A collection of upcoming film trailers.

Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy was a great and clever trailer that had the audience laughing and cheering.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the panelists were all hoping that it will be closer to the original feel of the Roald Dahl story.

Sin City got the audience buzzing.
Paul Kidd - If I have to see one more taunt chick with a sword I'm gunna kill myself

A Scanner Darkly Given an animated look through rotoscoping.
Grant Watson - I think it's very brave but I think it's going to fail.

Fantastic Four
Simon Oxwell - Oh. God.

Pink Panther Audience laughed through the preview but boo-ed at the end.
Simon Oxwell - Someone commented to me that Steve Martin must have a huge gambling debt.

XXX2 - Audience boo-ed.

Mr and Mrs Smith - Audience clapped - it looks fun.

Sky Blue
Grant Watson - It's pretty.
David Gunn - It's actually a very good film.

Corpse Bride - Audience applauded. Actually directed by Burton, unlike Nightmare Before Christmas.

Revenge of the Sith
Lee Battersby - Look typo! The H isn't after the S!

I.M.P.S. - Audience cheered. Done by the same guy who did Troops.

Serenity - Trailer was really bad quality copy apparently videotaped from a screen at a convention. It was almost unwatchable.
Simon Oxwell - My favourite bit is the fuzz.

Batman Begins - Audience cheered and applauded.

The Simono Retrospective. 2100-2200

No quotes, but it was great fun. Simono (The most beautiful fan in the world) is a fun character and this was his swansong. The Q&A session was fun and everyone had a great time.

The XXX Files. 2200-2300
Lisa Green and I chatted and told stories about our work in the sex industry. Erika Lacey was a slightly tipsy ring-in for the hour of strange tales.
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