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Left Simon's last night, a shame to say goodbye, he's a delight to stay with. Wasn't planning on driving far so stopped at a very nice little rest stop 15km outside of Northam. Was actually more of a detour than most rest stops - turned off the road, drove a few hundred metres, turned again onto a dirt track, and drove down that a way.

Having a mattress cut to the size of the back seat of the car occasionally seems like a wasted effort. It takes up a lot of room and seldom gets used. The sleep is variable because you can't fully stretch out. Sometimes you get a wonderful night's sleep, and awake feeling refreshed and relaxed. Other times you wake up feeling like your spine has been replaced with a wire coat-hanger that's been bent and mangled. It's all there, but no matter what you do, you're never going get it back to its original shape. Sharing it with someone doesn't seem to make much difference - either you'll both spoon together and awake fine, or you'll both be crippled.

But for the nights when spending the 10-20 minutes finding a good piece of ground, clearing it, and setting up the tent and bedding just seems too hard, it shows its true worth. Within two minutes of pulling up I was climbing into the back seat and settling down for the night.

Went to sleep with the stars shining down and the motorbike frogs changing gear. Lovely.

Having slept/dozed for around ten hours, I finally roused myself, stood naked in the morning sun, threw on some clothes and then went for an explore of the Eadine Springs picnic area. Spent time meditating by the lake, enjoying the tadpoles and the small birds that would dive below the surface and reappear quite some time later, 20-30 feet from where they started.

Took some photos, and stopped to feed some very aggressive ants - with my flesh. Little buggers! They were only about a centimetre long, but boy they could bite! I watched them as I stepped into a clear spot and immediately about a third of the ants nearby headed straight for me. Walk on further, and new bunch would do the same thing. Every step would be an invite to the nearest ants to turn and come after me.

While I was in the car, I watched one wandering over my pants leg. Bite! Bitebitebite! Let go, move on a centimetre or two... Bite! Biteybitebitebite! Hmm... will try that bit over there... Bite! You get the idea. I didn't get any photos of them, wasn't able to stay still long enough to get shots without having my feet covered in them.

From there headed into Northam and have spent some time wandering about. It's a nice little town. Not sure how far I'll travel today. Probably won't make Kalgoorlie, because there's lots I want to look at. Don't know what any of it is at the moment, but it's out there. I'm just following my gut.
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