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Travelling cold

I woke up with a cold! No wonder I've been chew-the-furniture horny since Saturday! Almost always get this way when sick. Having a cold will make the trip back a little more tiresome. In theory if I don't hear back from some of the hostels today, I'm leaving tonight after Simon gets back from Russia, where he had a ballet teaching appointment. In practical terms, given how I'm feeling, I may leave tomorrow morning instead. Only been up a couple of hours and already feeling wiped.

Chatted to a lovely young lady, Coralie, on Saturday who would have been a great travel bud. She already had a lift when we spoke, but wants to catch up again at some point, which would be nice. She was a smoker, but I grew up around smokers & so long as she didn't smoke in the car or tent, I wouldn't have been too bothered. The interesting thing would have been language - she speaks French and a little English, I speak fluent gibberish and a little English.

The people she'll be travelling with are planning on going from Esperence to Adelaide in about three days, which is a terrible shame. She'll come away thinking of it as a boring trip because she spent three days in a van. Certainly hope we get to catch up again, if not in Adelaide, then in Melbourne, later.

Would like to have done the trip back across with Simon (it was a real possibility) but it's not to be. If his reasons were crap, I'd drag him kicking and screaming, but his reasons are solid and I agree with them. So don't hassle him about how he should have done the trip or I'll kick your arse.

Apart from Simon, Grant and Theresa, I'd actually rather do the trip back from Perth on my own. Lots of nice alone time, only worrying about myself... Plus travelling with hespa has set a benchmark that's unlikely to be reached by anyone else any time soon, so I'd rather avoid doing the trip with the majority of folks, 'cos I'll just get annoyed. Only reasons I've put up notices offering a lift at hostels are that Shaz would be happier if I had a travel companion (she worries, bless her), it's easier on the hip pocket, and after having done the trip with Karno I like giving a foreign visitor the chance to see the country properly.

Beyond that, I'd rather my own company.

Okay, back to bed.
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