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Swancon day 1

Did the usual running around catching up with some people and avoiding one or two others that refuse to make my life easier by dying or moving to Antartica. Ooohhh... bitchy start!

Anyway, the con is okay. Haven't been to much yet, still in my room at 10am on the second day of the con because I had some writing to do. Seen a few mates that I haven't caught up with. Saw deborahb but haven't gotten around to stalking talking to her yet. Had a good time last night talking to various people though.

Joooooooollliiiiiaaaaaa and Robin Clarke are here! Yay! No Mara though :( So the Gods of Sex, Love, Desire and Revenge will have to all catch up another time. It's been five years since we all got together, bloody hell time flies.

Ended up needing to crash out by 10pm! I'ma gettin' old! Cousin* Tiki and I chatted a bit and then both died. She was up early this morning getting things ready for the art show. And my beloved Sharon will be here today! yay! I've been missing her.

Without naming names, one of my friends is keeping a scorecard, giving positive and negative points for how much they are enjoying themselves. I should stress, this is not a reflection on how the con itself is doing. If they don't have enough personal enjoyment by Sunday, they are forcing Colin to run naked down Hay St. Needless to say Colin is making it his personal mission to make sure they have fun.

Okay, well, off to do things, see things and have fun trying to make Colin's job a tough one.


* She's not really my cousin, it's more nebulous than that, but it's the simplest description.
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