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Probably my last post for a few days. Been using hotel broadband because there was stuff I needed to do and getting down to the net cafe was going to be counter-productive.

Yesterday one of the attendees of the con came up and thanked me for my Guest of Honour speech at last year's Swancon. He said it was inspirational. It meant a lot to me that a year later he took the time to tell me this. He could have forgotten, could have decided it was too late. And that's never the case for a genuine compliment. I hope he sees this and sees how much it meant to me to be told. I wanted that speech to touch people, and that it so obviously touched him means I achieved that.

And I've had a few people come up and tell me that they love my livejournal, and love 100 Days. Makes me feel slightly guilty that I haven't gotten more up recently, but it's nice to know that people enjoy some of the things I say on here. Again, really appreciate those folks who have taken the time to tell me these things.

Thank you.
Tags: serious thoughts, swancon

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