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The con is good, what I've seen of it. I was on a couple of panels Thursday and saw a couple of things after that. Yesterday I got up, had breakfast and then crawled back to the room until 7pm. After that I went to a panel, rested for another two hours, was on a panel, and then started wandering and chatting to people until I found the Box Party. Stayed there for a few hours, when that finished ended up in the foyer until 4:15am.

As I commented to John Robertson when we were the only two left, it's kind of nice when the brain damaged cripple outlasts everyone :)

And I appear to be doing well on my 3 hours sleep today. I'm still in the room, but not for sleep. I'm saving strength and keeping away from the loud fast angular people. My emotions and hormones are still up and down, but I know from the trip that I hide that pretty well so I'm not too worried about people noticing. Melted down twice yesterday, ready to melt down today. Also needy. But it's cool. I am actually having a good time, just in small controlled doses.

Masquerade tonight, followed by what I hope will be a relaxed and quiet room party here afterwards. We specifically mentioned on the whiteboard that newbies and first-timers were welcome, so hopefully some will rock up. Probably won't go too late of course, though it's starting at 11pm.

Tempted to gatecrash the auction tomorrow. It's three hours but I'm not officially on it, so just rocking up, doing as much as suits me, and then sitting down might be nice. Plus it'd be a pleasure to work with John on another auction, and I like hanging with Grant, so hopefully I'll make it.
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