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Trip pics!

Lots of trip thumbnails below the cut! A couple of spider shots, nudity and hot sex!

Water in the Naracoorte Caves

Pildappa Rock at Minnipa

Sunset at Head of Bight

My favourite bit of graffiti for the trip.

Wouldn't be a trip without me photographing a bug...

Or two... This one was on my car and screaming "Drive Faster!"

Invisible truck Roadkill
Hespa didn't dance naked on the Nullarbor. Apparently she has self-respect. I had mine surgically removed years ago for Sticky Moments.

Another boring Bight sunrise... Don't know why I bother trying to get good shots :)

hespa at the Eucla Jetty

Man, was I ever born to be a pirate!

Near the Eyre Bird Observatory

I like spiders, but we both nearly walked through this one's web... brrrr...

And another spider. This one was into serious body modification - it's only got 6 legs

Hespa on Joseph the Dune. It's a big dune, the building in the distance is the Old Telegraph Station/Bird Observatory

Top of Joseph

This lizard let me get quite closer for a photo...

This lizard let Hespa get much closer. Have I mentioned I don't like her anymore?

And she takes pictures of bug porn!

Tree Top Walk

The parrot from the road, biting Hespa's pants. He's obviously annoyed about the lizard photo too!
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