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Now a head's up to my Perthian pals - you're unlikely to see me at too much of the con. Based on recent experience, I'll manage an average two to four hours a day (including the panels I'm on) of con-going and the rest will be spent resting in my room. And if you think I may need a break, ask if I need a rest, it'll make me stop and take stock of how I'm doing, rather than just continuing to run because I haven't thought to stop.

Yes, I am that dumb.

So once I get to the con, if the door on my room is ajar, I'm open for visits. If it's closed, you are welcome to SMS me to see if I'm around/awake. If I'm sleeping the phone is on silent, so you won't be likely to wake me unless you try to ring, in which case the constant vibration noise will - so please don't ring unless it's important.

Will be hanging in Perth until the Thursday after the con, but may stay through the weekend if I'm still really tired, rather than start the trip back on a sleep debt.

Know I will catch up with most of you at the con, but particularly want to mention I'm hoping to catch up with khoath and ghoath as I know you guys are unlikely to be there. Don't know what we can organise between us, especially since the con will leave me stuffed, but if we can bump heads it would be good :)

The rest of you, look forward to catching up. And someone tell the %&*$ing Robin Pen he better turn up to buy me a drink in the bar!
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