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I'm laying in bed, and in an effort to keep myself here, I'm going through my mail and LJ on my PDA. I still haven't finished the posts on replacing my phone, nor have I gotten up another Love & Hate, or any one of several other posts, some of which I've had planned for several weeks.

I haven't done a Skeletor/Hordak in ages.

I have several storylines started and roughly worked out, preliminary strips done, but between exhaustion, computer woes (I currently don't have the editing software I use loaded on any machine), and all sorts of other distractions, I'm not likely to get a new one up any time soon. This annoys me because it was my major creative outlet and I'm just not getting anything done towards it.

But I am proud of some of the work I did. The Tooth Fairy, Skeletor the Bastard, and The Secret of Merman storylines were amongst my personal favourites.

Those who know me know that I never ask for nominations or votes for the things I've done, at least never seriously. I think too many folks push too hard for awards. My belief is that if you have to ask for the award, and push people to vote for you, then it turns receiving the award into a meaningless act. I take awards seriously enough that when I judge the work I'm up against to be better than mine, I vote for the other, and often encourage others to do so as well.

And while I've never been one to go out and ask, I'm proud enough of the work I did on Skeletor/Hordak to request that people go back through the strips and consider nominating either my work or the strip as a whole for the Ditmars.

There have been some very good strips done by various folks on S/H, so the strip itself getting nominated would be enough for me to be happy. But don't just race off and nominate, read back through them, and only nominate if you find it worthy. Then if it gets on the ballot, the voters can decide for themselves.
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