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Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry...

I hopped on Sharon's comp and did the other Evil meme.

When I do these things, I choose my answers based on real-world situations. So I chose knives in the weapons category, because I prefer them over guns. I know how to work with knives, there aren't too many moving parts to go wrong, and you can be more creatively nasty with a knife.

In the movies category I wouldn't pick 'movies of evil' because that's just stupid, and put there for losers who just want to get the most evil score they can. My first choice was science fiction, but my very close second choice is horror. I wouldn't pick horror just to up my score, so I went with SF.

So on that basis...

On the handful of questions where I had to struggle to choose between two answers that each honestly seemed to apply to my likes/wants, and where I eventually settled on the more realistic or marginally more accurate possibility...

How evil are you?

However, if I go with all my second choices on those same questions...

How evil are you?

I think those two working together make this quite accurate.
Tags: identity, memes, wicked grin

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