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"How evil are you?" meme

You Are 66% Evil

You are very evil. And you're too evil to care.
Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.

Today I've been feeling pained and angry at the world for no good reason. It's the sort of day where if I can't be held and loved, I want to go out and hurt people. And so I did the Evil Quiz. And what can I say but ripped off!

So I lose points for never making a promise I wouldn't keep - what about when the promise has been to hurt someone, or a threat?! Huh?

And no, I wouldn't rather harm an enemy than help a friend, because my friends are important, my enemies aren't! (also, I may need my friend's help in getting my enemy later)

Oh, and being so drunk that you don't remember the night before? What kind of pissweak evil is that? I do the things sober that many other people need to be drunk to do. I want to remember and I want to choose to walk down the main street of the city with my willy waving in the breeze!

OOOoohhh... points for making a prank phone call... because that is so nasty... Give me a break! I'm in the phone book under Bastard! That beats any friggin' prank call you want to name!

And no, I haven't been arrested - because I'm too friggin' smart to get caught! That should be worth extra! Any dickhead can do the wrong thing and get caught!

Where are the points for telling someone you don't like them? For inviting them over with that specific purpose in mind? Huh?

Oh wow, I get points for having killed a bug. A bug! Where are the points for killing thousands of animals when you were a meat-worker? And the extra points for the days you enjoyed it?!

Oh, and no points for turning up to a Valentine's Day event with a real sheep's heart, that you removed yourself, hanging around your neck on a piece of string?

Oh and let's not forget my personal favourite. I still want 50%-75% of the planet's human population wiped out by a virus. I mean come on! That's gotta be worth some decent points!

Someone find me a test with some better definitions of evil, please! Then at least if I don't get a high mark it's for some proper evil, not this friggin' highschool crap.
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