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Changing light bulbs

Here's a question - have they changed how they construct fluoros in the last twenty years?

When I was meat-working, the killing floors used arc lamps. When I started meat-inspection I found out the reason why. It was vastly more expensive than fluoro but arc lamps were used because the high-speed flicker of fluoro lights had been found to be bad for the eyes over a prolonged period - especially in jobs where you needed good light because you were doing work that required careful visual attention to what you were doing.

The period we were talking was years. But it was considered important enough of an issue in a job where a you want to watch what you're doing that they weren't allowed to be used in any area where people used knives.

Lots of workplaces have fluoros because they are cheaper. If that flicker is still an issue, and people work under it and live with it at home...

Maybe the info we had back then was wrong, there are lots of workplaces that use them and I can't help but wonder whether the concerns we had would have been ignored in other industries for this long. Or they may well have changed the design and eliminated the strobing, two decades is a long time.

But if they haven't are we asking for a different set of problems?

Anyone know the current state of fluoros and if they still strobe, or if the speed of that flicker has changed to something better for the eyes? Or if what we were worried about back then was simply wrong?
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