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Phone search (Parte the Fourth)

So first thing today I headed into town to check out PDAs at Calculator King in South Melbourne. The guy I talked to was knowledgeable, they had a bigger range than I had seen in all the other stores combined, and the customer service was great. I made it clear I was only getting an idea of types and cost and the salesguy didn't try any hard-selling, he just took me through the ones that interested me for 45 minutes, without once looking like it was any trouble at all. Very impressed. Their prices were reasonable and substantially cheaper on some items, while being dearer on others. However, I'd consider paying the extra just based on the service. Good service should be rewarded with custom.

The unit with the minimum of what I'd like costs $799, the unit I want is around $1049. I am wondering about claiming it as a business expense, since I partially want the extra functionality for the business. Of course then I have to be bringing in enough cash to be taxed and get something back. Between renting the house in Oakleigh and the extra bought in by eBay, this may be do-able.

Also looked at phones. Looks like I can buy the phone I already have for around $200. That would save me having to relearn functions. I'm not happy with some aspects of my current phone, (mainly the deletion of SMS messages being a bit fiddly, so my box fills up) but overall it's ok.

Cheapest I could find with the minimum functionality I now like was $169.

I have to admit, I'm adapting to my phone being unreadable. I can send SMSs, though the occasional word may be odd since I picked wrong with the predictive spelling, and still talk to people. So who knows, so long as people remember to only send very short messages, I may put up with it for a while longer.

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